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Hi Eonni | 안녕 언니 #

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So we had word for oppa previously. Now we have words for eonni! Fangirls can address female idols who are elder than them as eonni / unni, 언니! Note: for fangirls only! for fanboys, you need to call female idols as nuna, 누나!

I love you
사랑합니다 (saranghabnida) / 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) / 사랑해 (saranghae)

I love you so much
너무 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) / 너무 사랑해 (saranghae)

I like you
좋아해요 (joh-ahaeyo) / 좋아합니다 (joh-ahabnida)

멋있어요 (meos-iss-eoyo)

예뻐요 (yeppeoyo)

아름다워요!( areumdawoyo )

Totally awesome
완전 대박 (wan jeon dae bak)

I miss you 
보고싶어요 (bogosip-eoyo)

I miss you so much
너무  보고싶어요 (bogosip-eoyo) / 너무 보고싶다(neomu bogosipda)

I miss you 
그리워요 (geuliwoyo)

Eonni, you're awesome!
오빠 짱! (eonni jjang)

짱짱 (jjangjjang) *internet slang

1. I love you so much, eonni!
언니를 너무 사랑해요 (eonni-reul neomu saranghaeyo)

2. Eonni, you're so beautiful!
언니 너무 예뻐요!! (eonni neomu yeppeoyo!)

3.Eonni, I miss you.
언니 보고싶어요 (eonni bogosip-eoyo) / 오빠를 보고싶어요 ! (eonni-reul bogosip-eoyo)
4. Thanks for your effort/Well done.
수고했어요! (sugohaess-eoyo)

5. I'll cheer for/support you!
오빠를 응원합니다! (eonni-reul eung-wonhabnida)

6. Be strong!
언니, 힘내요 (eonni himnaeyo) / 힘네세요 (himnaeseyo)

7. Well done!
잘했어요 (jalhaess-eoyo)

8. You're the best!
언니는 최고야! (eonni neun choegoya!)

9. I believe in you, eonni
언니를  믿어요 (eonni-reul mid-eoyo)

10 Eonni, I believe in you,only
언니만 믿어요 (eonni-man mid-eoyo) 

11. I will believe in you, Eonni
언니를 믿을게요 (eonni-reul mid-eulgeyo)

12.  Kiss
쭉 (jjuk) *internet slang / 뽀뽀 (ppoppo)

13. Keep it up / Way to go!
화이팅 (hwaiting) / 파이팅 (paiting)
Literally it means 'Fighting', it's a word Korean usually say to cheer.

14. I have prepared a gift / present for you.
언니를 위해 선물을 준비했어요 (eonni-reul wihae seonmul-eul junbihaess-eoyo)

15. Eonni, your hairstyle looks beautiful!
언니 머리스타일 너무 예뻐요! (eonni meoliseutail neomu yeppeoyo!)

16. Eonni, Happy Birthday!
언니 생일 축하해요!  (eonni saeng-il chughahaeyo!)

17. Eonni, are you okay?
언니 괜찮아요? (eonni gwaenchanh-ayo?)

18. Eonni, please rest more.
언니 많이 쉬세요! (eonni manh-i swiseyo!)
19. Please show us more of good performances in future.
앞으로도 좋은 공연을 많이 보여주세요. (ap-eulodo joh-eun gong-yeon-eul manh-i boyeojuseyo)

20. Eonni, be healthy and happy always.
언니 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 (eonni hangsang geonganghago haengboghaseyo)

21.  Eonni, I hope you will succeed.
언니 성공 하시길 바래요(eonni seong-gong hasigil balaeyo)

22. I enjoyed the show/performance today.
오늘 공연 잘 봤어요oneul gong-yeon jal bwass-eoyo

23. I will support you / I will cheer you.

24. Eonni, you're cute.
언니 너무 귀여워요(eonni neomu gwiyeowoyo)

25. Eonni, when is the comeback?
언니 컴백 언제 해요?(eonni keombaeg eonje haeyo?)

26. Eonni, quickly comeback please!
언니 빨리 컴백 해요!(eonni ppalli keombaeg haeyo!

Note:  If you don't want to use it with the word 언니, you can omit it. And just use the phrases behind of 언니+markers. Example : 언니를 너무 사랑해요 , omit 언니를 and you can just say 너무 사랑해요.

효린언니 사랑해요! (hyolin-eonni saranghaeyo!)
I love you, Hyorin Eonni!

유나언니 너무 예뻐요 (yuna-eonni neomu yeppeoyo)
Yuna Eonni, you're so pretty!

CL 언니 너무 멋있어요! (CL eonni neomu meos-iss-eoyo!)
CL Eonni, you're so cool!

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