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코스메로드 | Cosme Road #
코스메로드 (koseumelodeu) which means cosmetic road. This particular shopping street is located in Myeong Dong(명동).

image credit: Diana Teo

You will find not one but more than 3 branches of Korean cosmetic shops, like Skin Food, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Etude House, Holika Holika and more!

That's why it's called 코스메로드 (koseumelodeu).

There are many other shops like Codes Combine, H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo and many more!

Not forgetting there are many mouth-watering street food(떡볶이, 계란빵) and as well as restaurants(불고기, 본죽) in Myeong Dong(명동).

The street gets more livelier at night, as many vendors open their stalls along the road. 

If you have plan to experience Korean cinema, yes, they have CGV cinema in Myeong Dong(명동). 

How to get there?
Take Seoul Subway Line 4 and get down at Myeong Dong station(명동역). and take exit 5,6,7 or 8.
Do not take exit 2 or 3, because you will end up on the opposite side of the road.

For a larger map, click here

If you can't go Myeong Dong or Seoul to get all these cosmetics,

here's a way you can buy it online.

W2Beauty offers a wide range of Korean cosmetic, skincare products and many more.

Click on the image below, to go W2Beauty website.
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