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RACE START in Malaysia! Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013 #
Good news Running Man fans a.ka. Runners !

As we have been waiting for so long, Running Man(런닝맨) members are finally coming to Malaysia.

드디어 런닝맨 팬미팅 인 말레이시아!

A huge thanks to Big Pocket Group for bringing them to Malaysia

Big Pocket Group 에게 너무 감사해요!

The members that will come to Malaysia for the fan meeting are Kim Jong Kook(김종국) HaHa (하하), Ji Suk Jin (지석진) and Kang Gary (강개리).

이번에는 김종국, 하하, 지석진,고이고 강개리 만 오는거에요.

It will be Kim Jong Kook's (김종국) second time to Malaysia. His first time in Malaysia was on 14th June for his First Malaysia Showcase 2013.

지난 6월에  능격자 김종국 말레이시아에 팬미팅 했어요, 진짜 열렬한 반응 받았어요.

지난번 김종국오빠가 안아줬었어.. 아직도 잊지 못해요! 보고싶어요, 오빠 !

Before heading to Malaysia, the members will have a fan meeting in Hong Kong on 13th July 2013.

이번 7월 홍콩에도 팬미팅 있어요.

Details of the Fan Meeting are as below,

Date: 7th September 2013

Venue: StarStage, Level 15, @ KWC Fashion Mall

Ticket Price: Premium | 469 | 369 | 269 | 169

*Please contact the organizer for Premium tickets

Online booking for tickets will be available via TicketCharge starting from 21st July 2013.

Packages includes:

- Hi5 & Autograph Session
- Limited edition RM Paper bag
- Limited edition RM Poster

VIP (RM 469)
- Limited edition RM Paper bag
- Limited edition RM Poster
- Lucky Draw – 20 fans will be attending Press Conference

RM 369
- Limited edition RM Paper bag
- Limited edition RM Poster

RM 269
- Limited edition RM Postcard
- Limited edition RM Poster

RM 169
** Limited edition RM Poster while stock last

If you need more  information on this event, please feel free to contact the organizer
Facebook: Big Pocket Group
Twitter: @BigPocketGroup
Hotline: +60132019048

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