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Great shopping places in Seoul | 쇼핑 #
If you're hunting for some nice clothes, bags or shoes for 5,000 - 15,000 won, you definitely must go Hongdae, Ehwa University & Express Bus Terminal.

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1. Hongdae (in short for Hongyik University, 홍대)
Take subway Line 2, and get down at Hongyik University station, and exit 8 or exit 9.There many eateries, restaurants, pubs and club at Hongdae, that you don't want to miss.  you can have a look how the street looks like here (credit cuteinkorea).

2. Ehwa Women's University (이대)
Take the subway Line 2, and get down at Ehwa Women's University station, and exit 2 or exit 3. You can have a look here (credit cuteinkorea).

3. Express Bus Terminal(고속버스터미널)
Take subway Line 3, and get down at Express Bus Terminal station, and exit 8,
Follow the sign "Go-To-Mall", and you'll reach the underground shopping mall.
Before you reach the actual underground shopping mall, you will start to see stalls and shops sell clothes and stuff. Just go straight ahead following the Go-To-Mall sign, and walk down a staircase, enter the glass door.

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