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How to go Nami Island | 남이섬 #
It's pretty easy nowadays to go to Nami Island(남이섬) from Seoul, and yes you can return in one day.

Go to Yongsan Station(용산, Line 1) and take the ITX Gyeongchun Line (you can use your T-money) instead of buying from the machine (because it's all in Korean), but I'm not sure whether you will be given seat or have to stand. Those that buy from the machine, have printed tickets, which has seat numbers. The fares for ITX is not that expensive as well, if not mistaken its 4,000 - 5,000 won.

The journey to Gapyeong Station would take about 1hour +

Take ITX to Gapyeong station(가평), once you get out of the station, you'll be able to see a bus stop and lots of people waiting for taxi.

You can either take taxi to the ferry terminal or bus. The bus tour will bring you to several others places like Garden of Morning Calm. The taxi would cost about 5,000 won and ferry fare would be 8,000 won(round-trip ticket).

After visiting Nami Island, you can either choose to visit Garden of Morning Calm & Petite France.

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