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Namsan Guest House in Seoul #
If you're looking for a  budget / affordable and comfy place to stay in Seoul, you can consider Namsan Guest House (남산 게스트 하우스). It's located very near to Seoul Tower a.k.a Namsan Tower and walking distance to shopping paradise, Myeong Dong. It's very near to the Myeong Dong subway station(명동역) too, Seoul Subway Line 4. There are few restaurants and 24 hours marts(Family Mart and etc.) all the way to the guest house.

The guest house consist of Namsan Guest House 1&2 and  the newer one Namsan Guest House 3. The receptionist even recommended me to stay Namsan Guest House 3, the next time I visit Seoul. Because the facilities are newer and little more comfortable.

 Namsan Guest House 1&2

Namsan Guest House 3

All the three guest houses are located very nearby to each other. As for Namsan Guest House 1&2, you just have walk further in about 2mins.

The facilities are good and very clean. Every morning an ahjumma comes to clean the house as well as prepares coffee. You'll have unlimited supply of drinking water(hold/cold), Ramyun(Korean instant noodles) and bread+jam. Free high speed Wifi is provided as well. The rooms are air-conditioned and have attached bathrooms, so you don't have to share with other guest, with hot and cold shower.  Refrigerator and microwave are provided in the kitchen, in case you want to reheat and store some leftover food.

Roses blooming at the Namsan Guest House end of spring.

The receptionists are multilingual and friendly, so communication is not a problem. Multilingual, i mean English, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, and some other languages. There are free subway maps of Seoul and information flyers available at their reception. If you are hesitating about how to get somewhere, you can ask the receptionist, they are willing to help you out.

The guesthouse also provide airport pickup service to the airport and from the airport, and it's not free. You maybe want to consider this option, if there's too much luggage to carry to take the public transport to InCheon Airport.

These are the things you get FREE at Namsan Guest House
1. Free Breakfast, includes coffee, bread and jam, ramyun.
2. Free Internet/Wifi
3. Free Cable TV
4. Free drinking water
5. Free washing machine 

Tourist spots in walking distance
1. Namsan Tower & Park
2. Myeong Dong
3. Namsan Hanok Village

The view of Namsan Tower from Namsan Guest House 3

If you can have question you can ask me or email Namsan Guest House at

Address: 33-3, Namsandong 2 ga, Jung gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-752-6363

You can reserve the rooms via email, but at least 3 months before the arrival date.

Official website : Namsan Guest House
Image credit: Namsan Guest House
Other good review of Namsan Guest House by Diana Teo

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